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Looking for the Safest Vaping Juice

Believe it or not, the best and safest Vape juices are not those with the flashiest as campaigns and the cleverest packaging options. Taking the time to choose the safest Vape Juice for your relaxation can have long-lasting advantages to your health and lifespan.

In the following article, we will take a closer look at how to find your way through the Vaper’s Market and arrive at the healthiest product for you.

Cheaper Products can be the Most Harmful

We are all trying our best to save Benjamin’s we work hard to collect, but it is probably more important to conserve your health and lungs as these are harder to replace. Even though you may not even notice the big difference between costlier versions of the same cost-effective product you have been using, you may begin to feel them over time.

If you are enjoying a low-cost product with practically no discernible differences to a top-shelf item, you gotta ask yourself where the cost difference is. The best producers invest in top-grade glass packaging and proprietary ingredients typically selected for their healthier attributes. While this can’t be a hard and fast rule, those two features are a hallmark of reputable vape juice producers.

Look for Diacetyl-free Vape Juice

Diacetyl is an especially versatile compound that can be used to mimic the flavor of buttered popcorn or a host of other flavors, but it is also the primary cause for a condition called “ popcorn lung” that you really want to avoid. This drug has been used extensively in food production until a group of workers in a popcorn factory developed this disease and the honor (horror) of naming it.

Popcorn lung is a condition of scarring in the lungs also called bronchiolitis. As the scar tissues build up within the lungs they lose their elastic quality. This can lead to shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing. This is not a curable or reversible disease and the only way to address it is to quit smoking or vaping and hope for a lung transplant. The best treatment is avoidance, so steer clear of those vape juices containing diacetyl.

Other Ingredients to avoid:

Acetoin is very similar to diacetyl and was considered a suitable alternative to the hazards of diacetyl. Unfortunately, research soon discovered it converts to diacetyl when vaped making it equally harmful. These low-grade ingredients are typically used by inferior manufacturers to create a great tasting product. A truly masterful producer of vape juices will not need these cheats to create an impressive product.

If you plan on vaping fairly regularly, you may want to consider studying and researching the ingredients in your favorite vape juices so you can learn more about their effects. This will also make it easier to choose from other reputable brands with similar ingredient lists. Those that include “food-grade” and all-natural ingredients are your best bet for a safer vape juice.

Check the Nicotine Content

Nicotine has been extolled for its capacity to improve cognitive function but don’t think that vaping it will be any healthier than smoking. If you are looking for a truly healthy vape juice it will be more than necessary to ensure that nicotine is not an ingredient. Nevertheless, many people are vaping as this is a preferably healthier option than a cigarette. In this case, make sure your nicotine content is well below 30mg.

Veggie or Propylene Glycerin

You will notice that some products will use vegetable glycerin and others contain propylene glycerin. These are sticky thick liquids used as the base to which other ingredients can be added. How will these affect the healthiness of your vape juice?

Vegetable Glycerin –– as its name implies, Vegetable Glycerin (VC) is made from vegetable oils like palm or soy oils, some are made from coconut oils. VG is often used in the cosmetics and food industries.

Propylene Glycerin –– this is derived from propylene glycol and is generally considered “safe” by the FDA.

While they are both considered relatively safe, there are some who suggest choosing the vegetable version to avoid allergic conditions. While this may not be applicable to all. PG has been associated with skin irritations and sore throats. You will find a wide variety of options that contain both of these compounds. If you are concerned about allergic reactions, try using an option with a very low PG content. If no adverse symptoms develop, you just might be in the clear.

Final Notes on Vape Juices

In an effort to choose the healthiest route to vaping enjoyment, taking the time to carefully research the product in question is critical. By knowing what the ingredients in your Vape Juice are and any potential health hazards you will be able to circumvent the worst. Always remember moderation is the key to better health and never hesitate to visit a medical professional for symptoms of bad reactions.

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